Cutting Costs in Hair Cuts..

I don’t believe that I am frugal with my children, I am believe that I am being responsible. It is more sensible to save money for their future by cutting out unneeded spending. At minimum, a hair cut for a child in my area is $12+ that is about the hourly rate of pay for most..
Having four children, I understand the cost(s) in raising little ones, especially in todays economy. I find myself listening to more and more stories of children getting their hair cut and becoming anxious and afraid- making it a traumatic incident rather than a memorable one.

One service within our household that I do take upon myself (to reduce spending) is by cutting our sons’ hair. My wife and daughter still attend a salon.

I did not attend school to learn how to cut hair, however, growing up my friend Collin cut my hair and we would reciprocate the favour; and in college I was able to practice on my roommates (they were not as forgiving as my sons are now, nor how I was with Collin).

My wife knows that I don’t want our children to be made fun of, so I have taken the time to browse Pinterest on the latest styles, compared to referring to the hair salons out-dated “big book of hair style” from 1998.

Justification On ME Cutting The Boys’ Hair:

  • 1.) I can take my time, not in a rush
  • 2.) Bonding with my sons
  • 3.) Their hair is more forgiving
  • 4.) Save money ($15-25 per haircut)
  • 5.) It’s simple once you get the hang of it
  • 6.) As a parent, I stay constantly aware of what is trendy
  • 7.) With the money we save, I take the boys for a walk to the local candy store and they get a treat.

Items You Will Require:

  • 1.) Comb & scissors
  • 2.) Spray bottle (do NOT use an old chemical bottle)
  • 3.) Clippers with #2&3 blades guards, almost every drugstore carries them, I found ours at Costco
  • 4.) Old Dress Shirt
  • 5.) Chair or stool
  • 6.) Permission from your spouse/parents of the children

These Are The Steps That I Use To Cut Hair:

  • Step 1. If you have a spouse, ask permission first……
  • Step 2.) Fill your spray bottle with water
  • Step3.) Have the child sit on the chair/stool and wrap the old dress shirt backwards around them with the collars up and out and button-up the top buttons.
  • Step 4.) Spray the childs hair with water (just a couple pumps for their head) and section the hair:
  • a.) Section the hair into quadrants, left & right side, front & back (use a hair clip) collect the hair on top of your childs head and clip that, and do so with the other areas.
  • –or–

  • b.) Use a comb and divide the hair into quadrants, left & right side, front & back and then clip it into sections. Now clip the top section by combing a rectangle from temples straight back to crown, leaving a section above ear on either side. Part back of hair into a 4-section grid.
  • Step 5. Let top section down and take a very thin section from left side and comb it straight up with a fine-tooth comb. Now cut 1/4 inch off. Moving left to right and back to front, repeat, cutting to within 1/2 inch of front hairline.
  • Incident learned by mistakes : Try to only cut 1/4 inch all over. Hair will look longer in some places, this is due to the curvature of the head.

  • Step 6: Now cut the back: Take down top left back section and use part of already cut top section as guide for length to cut. Work right to left, with sections no more than 1/4-inch thick. Repeat for bottom left, top right, and bottom right sections.
  • Step 7: Cut the Sides: Continue by dividing left side section of hair into smaller horizontal sections. Working right to left, cut 1-1/4 inches off. Repeat for right side section.


Finish by combing front hairline section forward and trimming to desired length. NOW use a Clipper to Cut One Length

Choose a guard length (such as No. 3) and attach to clipper. Start at the back, working your way up to the crown, and finish with the sides. Choose guard No. 2 for a shorter haircut.

To fade the sides with a clipper: Attach a short guard (such as No. 2) and move hand from nape of neck to bottom of crown, bringing buzzer toward you in an arc to blend layers

Now clean the necklines: Flip the clippers and now cut across bottom of neckline and create straight lines from neckline to ear. Take note of where sideburns land at ears to trim evenly. – Do NOT press down hard, the clippers can cut skin.

As per the terms of use, the information provided on this page are not instructions nor an explanation on how to cut hair, this is the authors interpretation on how he cuts hair, it is the sole discretion of the reader to follow or take any form of direction from the content listed within the page or provided by any link(s) connected to this page. Outgrown My Stuff, and the author are not responsible nor liable in any capacity for any harm by any method.