Online Safety...

The popularity of buying, trading, selling or giving away items online is increasing in popularity. There are many reputable companies aiding individuals in these endeavors however, as in any open and free market enterprise, dishonest companies or individuals are also out there. To make sure we are as transparent as possible, OMS does not provide validation nor confirm the quality of any product and/or service that is offered within this website. In addition, OMS is not liable (in any capacity) for unlawful conduct between parties. For further review of our terms of use, and policies click here

Here are some safety tips:

It is highly discouraged to make any deposits for items (for sale or for services) until you are in possession of the item (or service).

Do not provide your social security number or driver's license number to anyone.

Keep a record of all emails and communication.

If you are meeting a person to exchange, acquire items or offer services be certain to advise another individual of your whereabouts

Ask the seller what the solution will be if there is a problem with the item(s) you acquire, is it covered by a warranty or can you return it.

If an item is being sent to you by post or a courier, find out if shipping and delivery are included in the price or if there any are additional costs.

* OMS does not offer any financial transaction service provider in any capacity for buyers and sellers; we do not offer PayPal or any other payment provider. It is your obligation to collect monies for services or items.

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